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Monday, October 18, 2010

Can We Make Wishes Come True?

This book gets 5 stars 14/14 times. I'm putting it on my list. It seems like it'd be worth giving a try.

A Wish Can Change Your Life: How to Use the Ancient Wisdom of Kabbalah to Make Your Dreams Come True [Paperback]

IntroductionThe Tree of Life at the Center of the Cosmos; How to Use God's Blueprint to Fulfill Your Every Wish

If you are planting a tree and someone arrives and tells you that the Messiah has come, you should first finish planting your tree and only when you are done go out and see if the Messiah is in fact there.-- The Talmud
We travel the Milky Way together, trees and man.
-- John Muir
Bridging heaven and Earth, I stand, as always, awaiting your embrace. Hug me, climb me, use me; and I will make your wish come true. A tree is all you need. I am the Wish-Fulfilling Tree. The Tree of Life. The Tree of Light.
Trees endure as the ultimate symbols of egalitarianism. They provide the same amount of oxygen, shelter, and shade indiscriminately to rich and poor, sinners and saints, caterpillars and humans. Virtually every culture on every continent has treasured the tree as the centerpiece of its mythology -- from the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden to the Bodhi Tree of the Buddha; the Dreaming Tree of the Aborigines to the Native American Sioux's belief that the first man on Earth was a tree that learned to walk. Such universal reverence among peoples so diverse and disparate indicates that trees brandish immense power. All these cultures cherished different gods and rituals; they devoted themselves to clashing diets and socioeconomic systems. And yet all these traditions exalted the Tree because each intuitively understood that trees stand for more than shade from the hot Sun. Deep down, every human being recognizes that the Tree is in fact the ultimate tool of creation. The Tree creates oxygen. The Tree creates life.
Kabbalah is a mystical, universal interpretation of the meaning and mechanics of life that has been preserved for thousands of years chiefly through the teachings of Judaic seekers and scholars. This ancient theosophy instructs that God uses the Tree as the everlasting blueprint for the construction of the universe. Everything -- you, your dog, Julia Roberts, the Taj Mahal, and the constellation Gemini -- emerged from the ten life-giving energy forces vibrating through this magnificent cosmic tree.
What few of us realize is that these primal forces didn't just assemble the universe and then vanish, abandoning us to cope as best we can. They live still and always, available this minute to every human being. In one of most famous lines of the Bible, God said, "Let us make man in our image" (Genesis 1:25). This sentence promises that humans are nothing less than reflections of God, imbued with a godlike gift and desire to create. In other words, each of us owns the ability to fashion all kinds of stuff seemingly from thin air. All it takes is to retrace the same steps that God took to create the universe. Dust off the master builder's template, and you can breathe life into your fondest dream right here and now.
You start by making a wish -- any wish, from earning more money to finding your true love, from renewed intimacy with your spouse to a bigger house or a smaller waistline. Then you simply follow God's recipe, surfing the Tree of Life from one archetypal energy to the next. Each chapter of this book will immerse you in one of the ten spheres that make up this Tree of Light, the ten archetypal energies inherent in everything and every person. Kabbalists have given each of these ten spheres an official name -- translated here from Hebrew -- which corresponds to the multilayered energy it generates: Crown (will), Wisdom (intuition), Understanding (discipline), Mercy (compassion), Severity (strength or action), Beauty (love), Eternity (relationships), Splendor (communication), Foundation (sexuality and death), and Kingdom (practicality). By devoting one week to each of these singular cosmic forces, you will transform your wish from a dream to a reality.
A journey through the chapters of this book will make you a partner in the Tree's resplendent mystery. We too possess a marvelous talent akin to photosynthesis -- which is the miraculous ability literally to manufacture life through Light. This inspired impulse is our chief reason for being, and the Tree offers a plan that will enhance personal creativity in every area of your life. It will also spur you to internalize the central Kabbalistic mandate to balance giving and receiving. A key side effect of wish fulfillment is learning to be a better giver, and the Tree's program will endow you with a new capacity to balance and repair your personal relationships.
But this book does more than supply a ticket to the procurement of your worldly desires. Working with these archetypal energies simultaneously fulfills the higher calling of the human soul. It will transform you into a warrior of Light, a spiritual torchbearer who, by absorbing and applying the timeless axioms of the Tree, will have helped to heal the universe...
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