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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Conspiracy!

I was going to the market but had to share this. I love it! Now I'll do the shopping.

Time-traveling alien? Mystery woman in Chaplin movie clip

After a year of painstaking frame-by-frame analysis of a 1928 movie clip, filmmaker George Clarke has only one explanation for the woman gripping a black object to her ear and talking.
She’s a time traveller. And not a human one, either.
Clarke’s video explanation, put on YouTube just days ago, is climbing steadily toward 1 million views. But he has no answers to the mystery that’s bedevilled him and 100 people he’s shown the clip to.
The clip is from the six-minute sequence of the opening of Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. A stocky woman in a hat and coat walks into the frame, talking into what looks like a cellphone.
Clarke has already heard the obvious questions: Who’s she talking to, in 1928? Where are the cellphone towers?
“This is the thing,” he tells the Star on Wednesday from Belfast. “I’d love to have the answer to that. It seems to have opened a whole can of worms. I’m hearing a lot of ex-government officials, men 70-odd years of age, who tell me about secret government operations.”
Go here to read the rest and perhaps get a better look at the woman and her 'cell phone'. It makes you say hmmm.

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