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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin stencils: Carve like a pro - Parentcentral.ca

Pumpkin stencils: Carve like a pro - Parentcentral.ca

Anyone can carve an impressive pumpkin. Just download and print these cool stencils.
The friendly pumpkin face is geared to younger folks, and the scary face is for more advanced carvers. 
1) Centre design on carved pumpkin and secure with tape or thumb tacks.
2) Use a cocktail toothprick to make dotted lines along the edges of the black design. Make sure to poke enough small holes to mark corners and guide you along curves.
3) Remove stencil.
4) Carefully use a knife or carving tool to cut out design. (Adult supervision required.) 
5) For the devilish pumpkin face, ad two holes just big enough for carrot horns.
6) Insert a candle, or better yet, try a blinking bicycle light. 

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