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Thomas Jefferson.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tips From Wal-mart Employees & Other Insider 'Beans'

  • "No matter what rules the company sets for returns, they'll automatically set them aside if someone complains enough. That way you look like an ignorant dumbass and the manager, in his little tie and headset, looks like the big corporate hero out to save the shopper from losing out on the $19.99 little Junior spent on a game he played twice and got bored with.
    Here's a tip if you're ever at Wal-Mart and the lines are long. No matter how full your buggy is, go to any place with a register and start piling your shit up. Unless you have produce that needs to be weighed, they can't turn you away from jewelry or electronics or any place else that's supposedly solely for that department. If it's a regular ten items or less register in the front, they can take anything, including weighable produce. The customers might look pissed off, but the person at the register is not allowed to say a single thing to you. And if they try to tell you they can't check you out, go tell the manager by all means! Your stuff will get pushed on through."
  • http://gawker.com/5666719/life-at-wal+mart-vol-2-surviving-on-the-inside?skyline=true&s=i

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